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Ha, Ha, Ha Productions is a local DJ service that has been adding exciting, crowd-pleasing entertainment to parties and events since 1989.


We have built a stellar reputation by providing a wide selection of music for young, middle-aged, and older crowds at community, youth group, and social events.

Anniversary Party * Auction * Bachelor Party * Bachelorette Party * Bar/Lounge * Birthday Party * Casino * Casting Call * Church Service * Club/Nightclub * Competition * Concert Venue * Convention * Corporate Function * Cruise Ship * Dinner Dance * Ethnic Celebration * Festival * Fundraiser * Going Away Events * Launch Party * Retirement Party * Wedding Reception and a host of other events.

Ha, Ha, Ha Productions Offers


Qualified disc jockey

Style & Flash to Any Event

Continuous music - From first note to last

Custom selection of music based on your taste and preferences

Unlimited Consultation 

Play it Loud!



​With already a great love for music I thought I should be different in my DJing, I started out using tapes instead of turntables. WOW! Yeah, that is what everyone said and thought. Using two Marantz tape decks {open top w/pitch control}, a Gemini 4 ch mixer, and an extensive collection of over 350, 15min labeled tapes with singles songs and instrumentals on it. I started off doing neighborhood parties. As I made money I added more equipment to my collection. At this point, my name was simply "DJ ERIC" pretty much cause I didn't think much of it lol. I booked a birthday picnic where I kind of got my party on and at the end of the gig the lady said, "the way you are mixing with TAPES, your name shouldn't be DJ Eric but DJ E-Unique because it is so unique how you are doing it, hence my Dj name became DJ E-Unique!!!​

Eventually, I had to give up my tapes and decks to keep up with technology: laptop, hard drive and so much more. Currently, my database consist of over 250,000 songs from the 40's up to today's hit music or just about every genre you can think of.

Since "The 90's" I have played in more than a few night clubs, hotels, bar and grills, golf clubs, and rental halls for wedding receptions, birthday, graduations, pool, office, and retirement parties just to name a few. I have done volunteer work for the Cancer Societies Relay for Life in Fredericksburg, Va., in addition to the church, school, company, and social events. During my career, I have also played with and opened up for various artists in the music industry.

I have been DJing for over 35 years and I am proud to have done all of what you have read, but I have 100 more years of doing what I truly love providing great musical experiences for clients all over the area and beyond.